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#2 Warner Receiver Sight - EURO - RIGHT HAND

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  • #1 and #2 are 32 TPI.LH. Yielding true angular movement at a radius of 35.810 ".

  • #1 Euro and #2 Euro are 32 TPI. RH. And true at 35.810".

  • #1 Euro- 18 min. per side, 48 elevation.
  • #2 Euro- 30 min. per side, 48 elevation.
  • All screws are heat-treated, thread ground 440 SS and hand lapped individually for final fit.
  • Pinholes are precision bored for size and location, hard anodized, and diamond honed.
  • Mounts on a standard Redfield base. (See Rifle Hardware)
  • With regular washing and lubrication with light oil, these units have shown over time to hold their ability to repeat without backlash.
  • All windage blocks are tapped thru 9.5mm x 1 to accept Gehmann/Anschutz apetures and shades. A reducer bushing is available for Merrit discs.

NOTE: The above values are at true sight radius. #1&2 U.S. and #1&2 Euro have the same amount of travel, respectively.