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The Warner Vernier Sight Left Hand

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We have finally done it! We have made the Warner Sight with a Vernier! Now you can get the quality and perfect movement you've always demanded with the numbering system you desire.

  • This sight is made with the same screws as our 'Euro' model; 32 tpi right hand.Clockwise for Up & Right knob rotation.
  • True 1/4 minute movement at 35.81 inches.
  • All screws are heat-treated, thread ground 440 SS and hand lapped individually for final fit.
  • Pinholes are precision bored for size and location, hard anodized, and diamond honed.
  • Mounts on a standard Redfield base. (See Rifle Hardware)
  • Vernier scale plates are laser engraved for optimal clarity and minimal glare.
  • With regular washing and lubrication with light oil, these units have shown over time to hold their ability to repeat without backlash.
  • All windage blocks are tapped thru 9.5mm x 1 to accept Gehmann/Anschutz apetures and shades. A reducer bushing is available for Merrit discs.
  • Avallable in the #2 (longe range) configuration only